One of our facebook followers recently made a comment that they are working on achieving correct swing technique after years of playing hockey.

I can imagine that all those years of playing hockey and developing muscle memory would certainly add to the difficulty of grasping this already unnatural feeling motion.  Since I too am working on building my swing and have not yet perfected a full upswing I asked our PGA Pro Aaron Cox to create a tip to help us all out.  Although there are many elements to the golf swing I requested that Aaron consider what the 3 key basic elements are so that we can perfect these and build additional elements over time. Even three things can be a lot to think about in such a short period of time so I tend to work my way through by practicing the first then adding the second and later the third.

A big thank you to Aaron for recording this tip for us.  I hope it helps you out!

In summary the 3 key elements are:

1. Take away – focus on arm and club position

2. Upswing – rotate through spine while focussing on shoulder and arm position

3. Follow through – extend your right arm across your chest, focus on club position – aiming at your target and rotate your body finishing with your weight on your left side.

If you would like to request a tip please leave a comment below or post to our facebook page.

Good luck!

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