Do I need a handicap?

You will need an official GA handicap to compete in the Tahiti Golf Open and the Vanuatu Golf Open.  Check the handicap requirements for each event on the event page.

Do I need a passport?

If you wish to travel to an overseas destination you will need to have a passport at the time of booking.  If you do not have a passport make sure you apply well in advance as it can be a timely process and you should not be stressed that it will not arrive in time to make your booking.

I am travelling with a friend, do we need to fill out an event entry form each or can we use the same one?

Every person who is travelling and playing in the event needs to complete and sign their own entry form.  If you are not playing you will not need to complete an event entry form.

I have a large number of friends who want to attend, can we have triple share rooms?

Can we have a single bed each instead of a double/queen to share?

Room configurations and bedding can be tailored to your needs pending availability.  Complete the booking enquiry form detailing your requirements to receive a personalised quote.  It is important that you place a request early to ensure that you do not miss out.

How much money will I need to take?

The answer to that question depends on how many activities you wish to undertake and the type of meals you prefer to eat.  We recommend that you do some research beforehand to determine how much currency you wish to take.  You should also consider how you will carry your money.  Investigate options including using your credit card overseas or getting a foreign currency card.
Do not forget to call your bank and tell them what country you are going to so they do not freeze your account after you make a transaction.

What is the exchange rate?

Exchange rates fluctuate constantly.  If you are purchasing currency in advance monitor the exchange rate early and buy when the Australian dollar purchases a greater value of foreign currency.

Will I be able to use a golf buggy or golf cart?

If you require the use of a golf buggy for medical reasons please contact us so we can check availability and book it for you.  Many events also have caddies for hire.  This is a great way to get to know the locals and to give back to the local economy.

What are the age requirements?

To travel with Pro Golf Experiences you must be 18 years of age or over.

What should I wear?

When on the golf course you are to wear what you normally would during a game of golf.  Clothing must be respectable and we recommend wearing clothes that will protect you from the sun and to wear sunscreen.

Off the golf course you should pack cool comfortable clothing and you should also pack something warm in case it rains and becomes cool.  Many Pro-ams also have functions such as cocktail events which you may wish to wear semi-formal attire to.  You will not need a suit jacket or tie but pack pants and a button up shirt/smart casual dress.

When should I book and pay?

There are limited places available on all our trips to ensure a more personalised experience.  To secure your spot we recommend booking early.  You can receive a quote by completing the booking enquiry form.  Your booking is secured upon the receipt of your deposit. Payment plans are available.  Please note that bookings will not be accepted until the date of the event has been confirmed.

How do I pay?

You can make payment by using BPAY or direct deposit.  You will be issued with a reference number to identify your payment and you will be contacted when payment is received to confirm the receipt.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes.  You should research travel insurance providers and read the product disclosure statement to ensure you are buying the coverage you want.  Travel insurance is essential to protect you from loss due to unforeseen circumstances such as lost baggage, injury or natural disaster.

Should I see my Doctor before I travel overseas?

Yes.  You should always speak to your doctor well in advance of your travel overseas.  You may need injections to protect you against serious illness (which may need to be given weeks in advance of your travel) or you may be given medication in case of minor illnesses.

Should I register with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)?

Yes, it is important that you register your international travel with DFAT.  This will ensure that DFAT knows of your whereabouts and can provide assistance to you and information to your family should the need arise.

Should I buy a travel bag for my golf clubs?

It is your decision whether to transport your clubs in a travel bag or simply use your golf bag and head cover.  A travel bag will offer your clubs greater protection and will increase the ease of transportation.  Using a travel bag will also allow you to add belongings to the bag, reducing the weight of your carry on luggage.

Are these trips for non-golfers too?

Yes, the trips that Pro Golf Experiences offer are open to non golfers.  There are plenty of attractions and activities to participate in while your travel partner is playing golf.  Ask for the non golfer price when you make your enquiry.